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[ About Brick & Barley's Taps ]

48. That’s the number of beers we have on tap and we’re dang proud of it. Take a look and you’ll see a combination of beers that are unique to this business and to our customers. Several of our handles are for beers that are brewed year round and are mainstream favorites. However, the rest are seasonal, craft, and small batch brews that will be changing on a regular basis. You’ll find these beers listed in our “Tap List” on your table. These beers will be selected based on what’s available from breweries and what our customers want to drink. So if you have a favorite craft beer that you’d just love to have on tap at Brick & Barley, tell your server or bartender and we’ll see what we can do. Making our customers happy is our top priority. Whether you’re here for lunch, happy hour, dinner, or late night, we hope you have a fun and enjoyable experience!

[ Growlers ]

The thing about Brick & Barley is that sometimes, we might be able to get a crazy good craft beer in, but only one or two kegs. Maybe you’re from out of town and wish you could take home one of these crazy good beers. Or, maybe you live in Grand Forks and just want to go sit on your couch or patio and drink your favorite craft beer from our taps. Well, we’ve got the perfect plan. 64 ounce Growlers you can fill and we will seal for you to take home and enjoy.  The best part? Next time you come back, bring your Growler and we’ll fill it and seal it up for you again and again. Heck, we’ll even fill up a growler you purchased from somewhere else --- as long as it’s either 32 or 64 ounces, and we’re able to seal it properly. 

64 ounce Growler Container: $12


See Tap List for Growler Fill pricing


5mm Neoprene Growler Coolie: $14
[ With a velcro flap and nylon strap this will keep your growler insulated and cool while you're en route to your destination! ] 

[ Year Round Taps ]

Blue Moon White Ale 5.4% Golden, CO
Bud Light Pale Lager 4.2% St. Louis, MO
Coors Light Pale Lager 4.2% Golden, CO
Crispin Cider 5% Minneapolis, MN
Goose Island 312 Wheat Ale 4.2% Chicago, IL
Guinness Stout Irish Dry Stout 4.2% Ireland
Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss Kristalweizen 4.9% Chippewa Falls, WI
Miller Lite Pilsner 4.2% Milwaukee, WI
Oskar Blues Brewery Dale's Pale Ale American Strong Pale Ale 6.5% Longmont, CO
Surly Brewing Company Furious American IPA 6.6% Brooklyn Center, MN

[ Year Round Bottles ]

Buckler n/a n/a Netherlands
Bud Light Pale Lager 4.2% St. Louis, MO
Budweiser Pale Lager 4.2% St. Louis, MO
Coors Light Pale Lager 4.2% Golden, CO
Corona American Adjunct Lager 5% Mexico
Heineken Pilsner 5% Netherlands
Michelob Golden Light Pale Lager 4.1% St. Louis, MO
Miller Lite Pilsner 4.2% Milwaukee, WI
Pabst Blue Ribbon American Lager 4.74% Los Angeles, CA
Rolling Rock American Lager 4.6% St. Louis, MO

[ Chalkboard Series ]

Our rotating selection of seasonal and small batch brews. See the listing below for our "Live Beer Listing" powered by TapHunter. Download the TapHunter app for instant updates on new beers, exclusive offers, and more! 

It is our goal to have an ever changing tap selection, so please ask if you have any questions!